Thursday, November 18, 2010

The rain... it fell and fell.

First of all, let me say 'hello' to all my newest followers! Hi!
I went from 4 to 13 in about a week... so I now feel a greater
responsiblity to blog more consistently. I musn't disappoint. :)

It has been a really drippy day today... a perfect day for
stitching. But have I been stitching? Nope. I've been busy
with cleaning, cooking, and altering my blog. I was ready for
a decorative change... though I'm still not in love with this
look. Hmm....??? I may be tweaking it more in the near future.

I've been back on the 'Psych' bandwagon, seeing as the season
re-started last week. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about
the new 'developments', but at least it gives me something to
look forward to each Wednesday. *lol* I'm sure I'll end up
buying the season anyway.....don't want the prior seasons to
get lonesome. ;)

This week has not been totally void of stitches...I was
able to get a bit of stitching done on my two latest projects,
so of course I will be posting some updates for you
all. ;) My Crystal Symphony is looking like this so far:

I also decided to start a new picture... it's called "M'Lady &
The Unicorn". I am a huge fan of the 'Narnia' stories... & this
picture reminds me of Jill & Jewel In "The Last Battle". Here
is how she looks so far:


Andie said...

Nice wips :D What are your fabbies and who is "M'Lady & The Unicorn" by?

Christy said...

Hi Andie. My fabric for Crystal Symphony is a Silkweaver Solo....(I am such a solo snob! lol)....and I am stitching M'Lady on plain Opalescent White Lugana. She doesn't need any distraction, I find, so simplistic is best. That pattern is a design from Dimensions.. it comes as a 'chart and charms' pack. I will post a picture of the full picture later on. :) Thanks!

Rocky Mountain Stitcher said...

great work and lovely fabric