Sunday, October 12, 2014

WOW!  My 4th post in one day.  I must really be on a roll! 

Okay... I just had to share this video I found a few months ago.  I
keep going back to see it again and again because it was done so
well.  Plus, I really like this particular 'pairing'.  I think it's sweet,
and it deserves a viewing if you are in any way a fan of the show.

For the record.... My favorite Doctor/Companion pairings are
Nine/Rose, Ten/Donna, Eleven/Clara.   My feelings on the new
doctor are just so-so.  I am in the group of fans who prefers the
light-hearted Doctor, rather than the cold & unattached Doctor
we currently have.  You're free to disagree, but that's just MHO.
I should have posted this picture months ago, but I was on
hiatus from my blog for a while.  I finished the 'stitching' on
'Red' back in April.  I stitched her on a hand-dyed lugana.

After Red, I wanted a quick stitch, so I opted for a Country
Cottage Needlework.  "Mermaids".  Then I went on to finish
the stitching of "Mediterranean Mermaid"  Both of there are
also on hand-dyed even-weaves.

Since Meddy, I have been bouncing like a tennis ball from one
project to another.  For the first time in my life I have 5 WIPS!!!!
That is soooo not me, and I don't like feeling this unsettled!  I
intend to have most of them finished by the end of year...though
that could be tricky since I really want to stitch a Christmas
themed project.  Hmmm...  I'm not on a good roll here.  lol

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Don't judge me.....

Yes, this DOES deserve an entire post dedicated to the
absurd level of adorable-ness!

Had to laugh when I saw this cartoon.  As the daughter of
a seamstress, I practically grew up in a fabric store....
practically teethed on fabric I can relate to this
on so many levels.  *lol*   Back then it was something to
dread, but now that I am older, and one who enjoys arts
and creativity, I appreciate the occasional visit to craft/
fabric stores.  Still, it brought me a chuckle. :)

Speaking of which, I am overdue to make another stop
by Joanns.  They have coupons, and I need some floss
for a Christmas stitching project.  Must remember that.
I am also thinking about working on a knitting project,
as I need something that works up fast.  The only thing
about stitching that frustrate me is the slow pace of it.

Speaking of slow paced...(since I'm on a roll here)...I
am still waiting on my PictureThisPlus order to arrive.
I ordered it 11 weeks ago Friday.  Definitely surprised
by the delay.  Hopefully we're getting close!