Saturday, October 11, 2014

Had to laugh when I saw this cartoon.  As the daughter of
a seamstress, I practically grew up in a fabric store....
practically teethed on fabric I can relate to this
on so many levels.  *lol*   Back then it was something to
dread, but now that I am older, and one who enjoys arts
and creativity, I appreciate the occasional visit to craft/
fabric stores.  Still, it brought me a chuckle. :)

Speaking of which, I am overdue to make another stop
by Joanns.  They have coupons, and I need some floss
for a Christmas stitching project.  Must remember that.
I am also thinking about working on a knitting project,
as I need something that works up fast.  The only thing
about stitching that frustrate me is the slow pace of it.

Speaking of slow paced...(since I'm on a roll here)...I
am still waiting on my PictureThisPlus order to arrive.
I ordered it 11 weeks ago Friday.  Definitely surprised
by the delay.  Hopefully we're getting close!

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