Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June!

Goodness! I really must remind myself to update this blog
more often.

I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend! I
spent the weekend at home... enjoying my quiet time...
& of course stitching! What weekend would be complete
without it? We were going to have a BBQ, but the grill
is not working right now. SOOO.... I made chicken salad
with Yam Fries. Yum! For desert, I made brownies for
the fam... and a small batch of cookies for me. (From
dough I froze the last time I made them) They turned
out just as delish as ever! :)
I'm glad that I settled on Chicken Salad...because it
got to be so muggy in the evening! *whew!* It's the
kind of night that begs for an ice-cream treat!


I was able to get some more of Cinderella stitched up:

Cindy - 6-01-10

Joanns just had a sale on floss, so I bought myself
enough to start of "Poppy". I feel a little silly
though, because after I just bought the floss and
wound it on bobbins, I've decided to change up the
colors. So the new floss was just an extra expense.
*rolls eyes* Oh well. Only a few dollars, and there
are always other pictures that may need them later on.
I will post a picture of her as soon as I make a little
more progress. Hopefully my choice of colors will be
just as dramatic as the originals..... but avoid the
reddish orangey tones. (That is just not my thing)

The thing that frustrates me is that I am so slow
at stitching! It's not sloth-pace by any means,
but my Mom seems to fairly fly in comparison. I
think I am just paranoid about how the stitches
will lay, and aware that I will have to look at
it for years to come. My eyes will always be the
most critical, I know, but I want to be pleased
with how it looks upon completion. Does anyone
else find themselves picking apart their stitches?
or is it only me?

Well... that's all for now. Happy June everyone!