Tuesday, November 5, 2013

There I go again....

Well, like it has happened so many other times, it's been a
number of months since my last endeavor to post. I find it
hard to keep my posts interesting, as I seem to have a less
than interesting life for the most part. My days are full of
'normal' stuff...so other than my stitching, there isn't much
to brag about. I guess I'll have to make the small things more
amusing. :)

As always, I like to insert pictures...plenty of pictures...
so be prepared for a few of those. First off, I thought I
would start with a glimpse of the season. My brother came
home after a walk the other day, and his hands were full of
these beauties....all of which came from one tree. Aren't
the colors fantastic? I simply had to capture it.

I am not a Halloween celebrator, but I got the munchies that
night, and since we didn't buy any candy this year, I wanted to make a quick treat. So, I went for something that I had never
made before. I had left-over evaporated milk, so I made some
fudge, and wow was it good! This is a picture of what I had left
after the family delved in. Definitely a recipe to keep and re-use.

 photo 958cfd42-25e8-4f1e-9e0d-66ba192e789d_zps22408b1f.jpg

I have tried to not over-indulge on that fudge, since I love sweets. I'm working on losing some weight, and am down
about 15 pounds so far - I don't want to mess that up. lol
My Mom and I went out shopping the other day, and I came home with a couple non-fattening treats. ;) I'm not a big
spender, but I'm always on the lookout for attractive, useable, and affordable things. This photo box is totally 'me'... I am a
very 'Paris' girl who loves pinks and purples. It will probably
be used to hold stitching supplies.

 photo ParisBox2_zps878bba2e.jpg

I also found this nifty little desk organizer which I have yet to fill
up, but look forward to finding a use for. It has four swivel-out
see-through drawers.  All in all.... both of my treats cost around
$6.00. Not bad, eh? :)

 photo d8b566d8-4515-4157-a509-7054b21f2d04_zpse0bc8066.jpg Here is my progress report on Silver Moon Tea. I've been working
on her for a few weeks now, albeit slowly, but I'm really pleased
with how it's coming along. (I've actually stitched a little more than is shown)

Hmm.... I guess that does it for pictures in this entry.. unless..
wait a second.. I can't sign off without sharing a helpful cooking tip.

Toodles for now!