Friday, November 21, 2014

A new finish!

I just finished a picture...!! ... well, 'finished' is perhaps a slight exaggeration, as the beads are nowhere in sight as of yet... but the main work is done and I am thrilled to be (mostly) done.  This is "Azalea" by Nora Corbett.   When I looked at the finished picture, I wasn't happy with how bottom-heavy she was, so I went ahead & gave her a little more hair.  Also, I used a darker pink kreinik for her shoe ties, as the suggested DMC color was not even visible on my fabric.  I like how it turned out. 

I also went back and added the kreinik to a previous project, "Fern".   I ended up giving her a little extra bling with the addition of a necklace.  Her shoulders looked so bare.