Monday, July 5, 2010

And the rockets red glare...

Howdy! And Happy 4th of July! :)

I went outside for a little bit to enjoy the neighbors
firework displays, but came in soon after to get back
to work on some more of my stitching. My goodness!!
It sounded like a reenactment of WWII out there!!! I
don't know about you... but I'm not fond of the sound
of bombs exploding...even at the best of times! Yikes!

I guess it is fitting though... as it is in rememberance
of a war and the freedom that came to us because of it.
What an amazing gift those men and women gave us
through their sacrafice! Thank you veterans! And thank
you God! :) We still need to fight for that freedom,
because there are evil people out there who wish to take
it away from us bit by bit. We cannot let that happen!

It was a nice day spent at home. We had a lovely meal
of Orange Chicken, & I was almost tempted to have some
lemon cheesecake, but I was a good girl. ;) I hope
the scale reflects my self-control in the morning. ha!

I'm busy trying to get some of my wips finished up this
week, as I will be expecting a model to arrive in the
mail pretty soon. It will have to be a pretty quick
stitch, so I need my calender free of other projects.
It should be fun though. My first model-stitch. :)

I hope you all have a lovely Summer!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What a great start to July!.... *rolls eyes*

Okay... so this just made my day!

I woke up today... checked email... visited my fav.
stitching board, & within 2 hours, my computer was
completely useless.. having been taken over by a worm!!!
The only explanation for the worm is visiting boards.

So... I am now unable to visit the board!

So... I am devestated!! *sobs*

The irony of it is I was just thinking about shutting
down this blog as I was spending so little time here.
But now I will have plenty of time to blog due to my
lack of board visits. So, this blog will officially
remain open. :)

For those of you who know me from the board.. I'm sorry
for my abrupt departure. I hope to keep in contact with
some of you if possible. If any of you would like to
write me.. you can contact me here:

True, I'm a little depressed about it, but it's not the
end of the world, and it certainly won't be the end of
my stiching! I love it... and will continue to love it! :)


On a more 'happy' note... here is an update on my Cindy:

Cindy - 7.2.10

And here is my semi-finish of Poppy.. minus embellishments:

Poppy 6-24-10