Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's a new day...

So...I am finally back. I have been in a terrible slump
after the holidays, and am only just pulling out of it.
My family had a great Christmas. We went away for a week
to our favorite resort...(it was a surprise trip sponsored
by my brother)...and I seriously needed a vacation after
the vacation! lol It's surprising how tiring a 'rest' can
be. ;) I took a fun picture while away, & I love how it
turned out! I fondly call it 'Double Vision', because if
you look closely, you can see the back of my brothers head
as he drove, & my Moms hair as she sat in the passenger
seat. (I was obviously sitting in back ;)

Double Vision

Like I said before, I was really in a bad slump after
Christmas, which affected my stitching like you would
not believe, & the only thing that pulled me out of it
was watching DVDs on my laptop. So... I pulled out
"Scarecrow & Mrs. King" from the good old days, and it
was like magic...poof!...I was instantly absorbed in the
stories, and stitching came back so naturally. lol! I
ended up watching the whole first season in a week...
averaging about three episodes a day, and THIS is what
my picure is looking like now.

M'lady & The Unicorn 1-15-11

The picture isn't that great, but you get the idea. The
original picture had a blue ribbon flowing through the
horses' tail, and I took that out. It's supposed to be
a war-Unicorn from Narnia, and the ribbon just wasn't
jivin' with that theme. ;)

While we were gone on our Christmas trip, we stopped by
a theatre and watched the new Narnia Movie. Not quite
as good as I had hoped, it was very enjoyable, & I will
definitely be buying it when it is released. I don't
know what the director was thinking, as the main story
line was totally far out in left field, bet certain
elements were brilliant. What did you all think of the
movie? :)


demeter83 said...

Love the idea of combining Stitching and an opportunity to write, because that's how I look on mine as well.
You've got some gorgeous stitching progress!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I quite agree that the unicorn girl does look like Jill Pole. I loved the Narnia stories when I was young and spent alot of time copying the drawings.
Last year I was lucky enought of get the whole set of 7 from a market stall with the original illustrations for my son. It took us several months to read them at bedtime!
We enjoyed the Dawn Treader film too, there was enough the same as the book for us. I don't like the war-time setting though - why would Peter and Susan be sent abroad and not Lu and Ed?
At least it stuck to the book more than "How to Train your Dragon" which completely changed the whole premise of the books! We enjoyed the film but it was a real lesson in "how Hollywood likes to change things for no reason".

Anonymous said...

Christy, please email me re your Yuku post about your Chatelaine chart. (woehrlej