Saturday, October 23, 2010

So... wow... it's almost November! That is just hard to believe.
Only two more months to figure out what I will do for Christmas
gifts. Hmm.. this could take some intense thought!

I have been quite the busy stitcher this last month. I took a
few days off due to some 'under the weather' moments, but am
pulling out of that now. I finished the DMC and Kreinik of my
Queen Mermaid last week. She took about 6 weeks to stitch. I
put her on a hand-dyed solo...& used some additional outlining
so she would pop with all the 'activity' behind her. I am very
pleased with how she turned out.

I also finished my contest entry for the Mirabilia board.
My goal was to add in all the kreiniks. I didn't realize
how many beads are on this one! The embellishments
alone for just the pictures I've stitched so far.... not even
mentioning the pile of pictures I PLAN to stitch.... will
require quite an infusion into my bank account. These
pictures need their own retirement fund I think. haha!

I am plainly not in the mood to tackle my Cinderella right
now, as I plan too many alterations, and am feeling rather
intimidated. I will get to her eventually, but for now, she
is being put in my UFO file. I started a new Mirabilia last
evening.... & have pretty much come to the conclusion that
I'm too good at matching colors! Here is my first picture
of Crystal Symphony - and you can decide for yourself.


vEr0n!c@ said...

LOL! Yup, you're definitely too good at matching colours. However, Crystal Symphony is gonna look gorgeous on that fabric, as is your Queen Mermaid. Love your MotDB too!

vEr0n!c@ said...

It's me again. LoL! Congratulations! You're one of my StarZanite Giveaway winners. Please email me with your mailing address so I could get your prize out to you. Thanx!