Friday, April 30, 2010

Success...!!...At last!!

Okay... so I have had a lot of ups and downs the last
few months, searching for a good cookie recipe. I've
been craving a yummy batch of cookies for what seems
like forEVER! I've tried numerous books... word of
mouth... & I've searched online. Nothing satisfied. So,
I finally invested in a book that had amazing reviews on Let me tell is a winner!!

They have a special blend of flours, which they
call their Artisan flour blend. It is unique, & far
more evolved than most flour blends I've tried.
They advise that you mix up a 6 or 12 cup batch
of flour, & just store it in the fridge so it's always
on hand. An idea which I think is brilliant.

I whipped up a batch of Peanut Butter Cookies
last night... (it was very simple), & I just added
a half cup of mini chocolate chips to the mix. They
are soft, thick ... & CHEWY! Yes, Actually chewy!!
I can pick one up & walk around with it, & it doesn't
fall apart! That was unheard of in my previous recipe
attempts! Best of all.. they don't taste Gluten-Free!
They are delicious!! :)

I'm not writing out the recipe, but I do recommend
buying the book if you are sensitive to gluten, if only
just for that recipe. I say this because it is the only
recipe I have tried thus far. ;)

I am one happy camper!


In other news:

I have just started stitching on Mirabilia's "Cinderella".
I am using a simple but elegant fabric for her, since she
is already in a frantic pose, she really doesn't need to
have much of a pattern behind her. I prefer tame for her,
and I'm not sure why. (It could be that the fabric was
just sitting there being unused...?? lol) Still, I think
she will be lovely. I have quite a number of alterations
planned for her, which will be exciting to work out. :)

Here is a small beginning picture:

That's all for now. Have a great weekend! :)

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