Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Week in Picture....

This post is long past due, so I will just give a little update of
my week in pictures. :)

First... I came upon my kitties cuddling, and had to capture it!!
Aren't they cute?

I also made a cake using my gluten free book. It is called
"Zuccini Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting & Fresh Fruit" It's
pretty yummy... though I may tweak the recipe slightly for
future use. I generally don't eat dairy, but I have been
able to tolerate it a bit better with some supplements.
(sorry that the picture is so 'loud'!! lol)

A couple nights before I tried the cake, I made another
batch of those wonderful Peanut Butter Cookies I wrote
about before. They even LOOK good! :)

I came across a new hair accessory while grocery shopping,
and I just HAD to try it! I have waist-length hair, & have
such a hard time finding hair clips that actually hold my
hair in place. Well... these work!!! They are called Goody
"Spin Pins". I thought about posting a picture of my hair
clipped up with then, but decided to just show the clips by
themselves. They are great! They hold tight, & don't hurt.

My favorite picture update is of Cinderella. I have worked a
good deal on her this week.. & have made some good progress.
I am tweaking a bunch on this lady, along with stitching the
skin 1 over 1, so check back to see how it goes! :)

And for those interested.... This is the picture I am stitching
for my Mom. I was unable to get it finished for Mothers Day, so
will be finishing it up in the next couple weeks. I ran out of
some floss..and must pick out the beads. :) FYI: She loves it!!!

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