Thursday, April 22, 2010

A day of Flips & Flops

I thought it was about time I updated the followers in
my little world. First off...I am excited to announce
that I have finally finished up the DMC stitches on my
Mirabilia 'South Seas Mermaid'. I got a totally wild
piece of fabric for her... but somehow it works! :)

Have a look:

South Seas Mermaid - 4-22-10

My new cook book arrived in the mail a couple of days
back. I was out of brown rice flour, so I had to wait
until today to try it out. I decided to grind up my
own, & it turned out great. Except for the flavor! :(
It was older rice, and I didn't realize that it can
turn rancid. Eek! I made soup for dinner, & thought
that a biscuit would be the perfect recipe to try.
(Buttermilk Biscuits sounded so good tonight, since
I've been feeling a little under the weather.) Well..
the powdered buttermilk had turned, the rice was old..
& the combination of the two was just plain nasty. My
dinner was a FLOP!

On days like this, I think a cup of Peppermint Ginger
tea would do a lot to console me. A batch of warm
Chocolate Chip Cookies wouldn't hurt either. :) I
do remember seeing a yummy looking recipe in my new
book. MMmm.. Maybe my brother will bring home some
fresh rice from the store tonight, & my craving can
be quelled. :)

Another fun tidbit: Thanks to Sue from HerBoudoir,
I just won a neat Mirabilia pattern drawing! Can't
wait for it to arrive. :) Sweet!

I am now off to pick out my next Cross stitch start!
This is always the best part! I would love to be a
serial starter, but I have to be practical! hehehe!

I tend to buy my Cross Stitch supplies on a whim, or
when I find them on sale. Patterns are the easiest
to buy, but getting the lovely fabrics is my favorite
part! My problem usually arrises when I go to kit
them up, as I don't often have all the supplies at
once! *lol* Does anyone else share this problem?


Andie said...

WOW!!! That fabric is wild and your right, it really does work for her :D Gosh thats a big gap, is it krenik and beads in there?

Christy said...

Hi Andie.. thanks for the comment. :)

Haha... when I showed the fabric to my Mom, she thought I was NUTS! But even she agrees now that it suits her! :)

Yes.. she is chalked full of kreiniks and beads!! I'm eager to get her finished!