Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Filling you in...

It's been kind of a slow week for the most part. Life is just plugging along. I found an irritated spot on one of my fur-babies' heads the other day, and turns out it may be ring-worm.... *eek*... so it's treatment time for both of them, which included baths yesterday! Needless to say, they did not feel the love last-night! LOL! But they do look, feel and smell a-maze-ing today! I didn't get pictures of the event, as they are quite a handful when sopping wet, but I did get
a picture of them before-hand on their new cat tower. (When they were blissfully unaware of the bath which lay ahead. lol!) This is my idea of space saving! ;)
 photo CatTower2_zpsdeadff0b.jpg

My little vent for the week would be that I may have to give up coffee. Argh! Over the Summer I was doing great, and then as soon as the weather changed, and I started drinking coffee regularly, I started having stomach trouble. I looked online and found several websites which shared the same information - that people with Gluten sensitivities should avoid coffee, as the protein in coffee affects the body the same way gluten does. :( It explains why I've had the issues lately, so I am going off of it for now to see if I feel better. Good thing we found a really great tea company, and have bought some really good flavors. In fact, here are my two favorites - they are exceptional!  photo 2favs_zpsf11c5068.jpg

Alright... I'm trying to blog here while watching the new episode of Psych, and this is extremely difficult...*haha* I will blog more later. :)

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